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Phrozen Shuffle XL
Phrozen Shuffle XL
Phrozen Shuffle XL
Phrozen Shuffle XL
Phrozen Shuffle XL
Phrozen Shuffle XL
Phrozen Shuffle XL
Phrozen Shuffle XL
Phrozen Shuffle XL
Phrozen Shuffle XL
Phrozen Shuffle XL
Phrozen Shuffle XL

Phrozen Shuffle XL 2018

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Phrozen Shuffle XL 

The Phrozen Shuffle XL is the best large prosumer resin 3D printer on the market. This machine has adopted the good things from the earlier models Phrozen Make & Make XL. On top of that Phrozen added their latest developments in 3D Printing technology. The Shuffle XL fuses all Phrozen’s knowledge & expertise into one more stable, mature and accurate 3D printing machine!

  • Uniform printing on the full buildplate
  • XY Resolution 75 µm. Suitable for detailed models, jewelery and dental use
  • Buildplate is almost three times the size of the normal Shuffle
  • ParaLED LED Array with 90% optical uniformity, much better than conventional singel point source COB LED
  • 150W LED Array combined with uniform light angle for faster resin curing
  • 405nm UV-LED. Works with most commercially available resin
  • Touch Screen control
  • USB port
  • Works standalone, no need for a dedicated PC
  • Twin Linear Rail along with Ball Screw & Ball Bearing. Highly stable Z-axis, ZERO wobbling during printing
  • Support by Phrozen, Facebook ForumOn-line Customer Service

Technical Specification

  • Printer Size: 39 x 29 x 47 cm
  • Printer Weight: 21,5 Kg
  • Printing Volume: 19 x 12 x 20 cm
  • XY Resolution: 75 µm
  • Z Resolution: 10 µm
  • Printing Speed: 30 mm per hour
  • Recommended Layer Height: 10 – 100 µm

In the box

  • Printer
  • Funnel
  • Gloves
  • Scraper
  • Resin wiper
  • Hexwrench
  • No resin included!

IMPORTANT NOTE: LCD / DLP displays for 3D resin printers are considered as consumables, so they are not covered by warranty. The useful life time of these consumables depends mainly on its own use, so it is not possible to set a specific replacement date. The parameters that can affect its useful life time are for example; hours of use, exposure times, humidity and environmental temperature, printer maintenance and fans cleaning, etc.

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