Our passion of being a part of exciting 3D printing technology has been come out in Barcelona in 2010. One year after that, 3D Printers-Shop was established in a 15 meter square room miles away from Spain! Our first product was a DIY Prusa i3 Printer which was working fairly well.
After 2 years of its foundation, 3D Printers-Shop was become one of the first and primary supplier of 3D Printing products and services in many countries. We started to provide our products to most important universities, companies, science institutions and also personal users.
Nowadays we carry on offering a wide range of 3D printing products and solutions to more than 2000 customers all over the world. We are official reseller of the major brands in the sector such as Zortrax, 3D Gence, BQ, Smart Materials 3D, Orbi-Tech, E3D-Online, Gadgets3D.
We always believe in the power of honest, fast and customer-oriented service. If you would like to take a step to 3D Printing world but do not have any idea where to start, do not hesitate and reach us! We would be happy to help!




• DIY 3D Printers and complementary goods
• Professional 3D Printers and complementary goods
• High quality filaments
• 3D design and prototypes
• Tailor-made solution for specific requests
• 3D printing workshops and courses
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