Mayku FormBox

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The Mayku FormBox makes molds in seconds, speeding up your product development cycle. 

Mayku FormBox

With Mayku's FormBox you have the power to make a multitude of objects that adapt to your needs. Works with any vacuum cleaner and for a variety of materials. The objects can be the ones you create with your 3D printer or the ones you have on hand.

Mayku's Formbox is ideal for making molds, containers or even art objects. Especially in combination with a 3D printer, simple templates can be created, which you will later use in the FormBox.

Thermoforming can be used to produce molds for a wide variety of materials. There are no limits to your creativity. The maximum size of the models can be up to 130 x 150 x 150 mm.

Cast Sheet de Mayku

Transparent, food-safe 0.5mm sheets for making reusable shapes. Its slightly flexible and non-stick surface ensures that originals and molds can be easily removed. Fully recyclable, partly made with recycled plastic waste.

Form Sheet de Mayku

A versatile and easy to use 0.5mm white sheet. Excellent for product packaging, prototypes, and to enhance decorative craft projects. Fully recyclable, partly made from recycled plastic waste.

Included in the kit:

  • Formbox machine with 3 templates.
  • 20 Cast Sheets de Mayku.
  • 20 Form Sheets de Mayku.
  • 1 kg of Mayku Pour casting material.
  • Access to the Mayku library.
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