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PRUSA i3  KIT for single aluminum frame

This kit INCLUDES:

  • Bearing guides  x  1
  • Bushings  x  4
  • X-Carriage for LM8UU  x  1
  • X-Axis ends  x  1
  • X-Axis motor   x  1
  • Y-Motor holder (M8)
  • Y-Axis corners   x  4 (with M8 holes, M10 possible under request)
  • Y Belt holder  x  1
  • Y drivetrain   x  1 (M8)
  • Z axis parts  x  4
  • Endstops   x  3


  • Greg’s accessible wade extruder body  x  1
  • Extruder idler  x  1
  • Small herringbone extruder pulley  x  1
  • Big herringbone extruder pulley  x  1
  • Groovemount


All parts are made from PLA with 0.18mm layer height.

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