CLEAN Smartfil - 1.75mm - NATURAL

CLEAN Smartfil - 1.75mm - NATURAL

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Clean your printer extruder to have a better maintenance of your 3D printer and also increase the lifetime of your hotend.

When you use different filaments in you 3D printer, eventually you can get obstructions and defects in your printings. This material is thought out to clean the extruder completely. This way you will guarantee the correct working and maintenance of your 3D printer.


Temperature is a key factor if you want this material to clean well the extrusion system of your 3D printer. For that, just follow these simple steps:

Heap up the extruder until it exceeds in 10ºC the melting temperature of the last material you have used. For example, if you have used ABS in your 3D printer previously, you should set the extrusion temperature at 240ºC approximately.

After that, load our SMART CLEAN FILAMENT and extrude a certain amount of material. Finally, unload the filament and reload your 3D printer with the material you want to use.




S (330g)

Hotend temp: ± 210ºC

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