BuildTak Surface - 203x203mm
BuildTak Surface - 203x203mm
BuildTak Surface - 203x203mm
BuildTak Surface - 203x203mm

BuildTak Surface - 203x203mm

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BuildTak is a thin, durable plastic film that adheres to the printing bed of FDM / FFM 3D printers.

It provides a perfect surface and replaces the traditional blue tape or Kapton tape.

BuildTak consists of high-quality, heat resistant raw materials and allows for clean and easy removal of the component.

The surface of the component BuildTak adheres the component to the surface, minimizing distortions.

BuildTak offers the following advantages:

  • Works great with PLA, ABS, Wood, PET, flexible filaments, and more...

  • No pre-treatment required (applying hairspray, etc.)

  • Easy installation and clean detachment with no adhesive residue

  • BuildTak is very durable

  • Optimal bond between print object and surface

The patent heat-resistant composition was developed to withstand the typical temperatures of heated beds (110-125 °C).

When using the BuildTak Print Surface the board must be calibrated again. The components may adhere to the print bed if the distance is not correct. Please find the instructional video below. BuildTak recommends using a nozzle height of about 0.2 to 0.25 mm. If the first layer does not adhere well, gradually reduce the distance.

Once the correct distance is found, you can use the BuildTak printing surface for hundreds of hours.


To ensure the longevity of the BuildTak sheet, use a spatula or putty knife with smooth/rounded corners. Avoid using solvents, such as acetone, to clean it.

Why BuildTak is superior over masking tape and heat-resistant films?

  • BuildTak sheets are more rigid and therefore much easier to install or apply to the bare build plate than marking tape or kapton and much less susceptible to air bubbles getting trapped beneath the surface.

  • BuildTak is more durable in nature so it is more effective in protecting the build plate and with proper use can significantly outlast the typical cycle time of either kapton or masking tape.

  • It does not require any special treatment or finessing (ie. the use of lacquer, acetone slurry, printing rafts, etc). Once you have the crucial step of setting nozzle height just right, BuildTak just works.

  • BuildTak works for both ABS and PLA, which means if you are using a printer that can print in either of these materials it is not necessary to change the surface between builds. Heated print beds are not a problem, BuildTak is composed of high quality raw materials and is designed to withstand the high temperatures of a typical FFF 3D printer (up to 125ºC heated print bed)

  • If/when you are ready to replace the BuildTak sheet, it comes off clean and easy in one piece, leaving no residue behind from the adhesive.



Quantity: 1 sheet individually packaged, BLACK colour

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