smartfil-flex_true black_175mm
smartfil-flex_true black_175mm
smartfil-flex_true black_175mm
smartfil-flex_true black_175mm

Flex Smartfil - 1.75mm - Black

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Flex material is and elastic and flexible material which can be twisted and stretched moderately. Besides, it is designed to improve the extrusion process in your 3D printer. It has the potential to be recyclable as it can be molded and reused as plastic.

SMARTFIL FLEX is a specially formulated filament that allows you to print flexible, elastic objects with high print quality.

High printing resolution

No problems to extrude the filament

No Warping

What can you achieve with this filament?

This material is perfect to print pieces that require flexibility and elasticity. Shore (93A) hardness is increased in order to make easier the printing process.


1,75mm (±0.05)


S (330g)

Hotend: 225 / 240ºC

Heatbed: 0 / 50 ºC

Warping:   Muy bajo

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