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TUFF ™ - CLEAR (0,5 Ltr)

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Resin for high tensile strength prints

3D RAPID TUFF ™ - CLEAR (0,5 Ltr)


Monocure 3D TUFF™ resin is a unique blend of advanced urethanes specifically designed to produce a part that possesses high tensile strength. These mechanical properties provide a right balance of strength, flexibility and a hard surface finish.


Use M3D TUFF ™ if you intend to 3D print robust engineering prototypes; it was designed to withstand high stress and strain. Once fully post-cured, TUFF™ can also be machined, painted or polished for further finishing.


Development team have created this unique material to remain rigid and hard, yet withstand high tensile pressure. The strength improves with the increased thickness of the printed part. For more delicate, thinner models, it is recommended to add FLEX100™ to increase the flexibility if required.


WEIGHT BRUT    0.7 kg


DIMENSIONS  20 × 5 × 5 cm

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