Compatible filaments for Zortrax M200:


  Before you begin, mention that as you know, we are official Zortrax resellers in Spain and as we all know, the 
use of unofficial Zortrax filaments in its printers, automatically cancels warranty. Having said that, above all, 
considering the new packaging system with Zortrax filaments (bagless vacuum), we have been testing other 
   Some time ago, we discovered:  SMARTFIL  ABS
   This brand has a wide range of colors, and different spools weights, adapting well to many sectors of 3D 
printing users.
   And to check the quality of these filaments, here a print sample print made using a Zortrax M200. 3D is 
the "Royal crown" model published on Thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:80709
- scaled 85% con X: 199.2mm, Y: 194.2mm, Z: 153.9mm
   Printed with 0.19mm layer thickness, speed HIGH, infill LIGHT, support lite 20º.
   As shown, there is no warpping or cracking effects even using a color filament additivated such as "Gold".
  Of course, after that, we began distribution to all users have this option much MUCH CHEAPER AND 





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