X-Vest investment BlueCast - 10 Kg.

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X-VEST by BlueCast: high performance synthetic investment for direct casting.

BlueCast developed X-Vest to meet the need of advanced jewel smiths asking for a high resolution investment, fast, safe (it’s available also in liquid, no powder to handle), strong but smart to devest, suitable for fast burnout and with the insurance of “one shot one cast”.

It took more than 2 years but finally we have what you were asking for. BlueCast target is to let jewelers job easier, faster and if possible cheaper.

PAIL NET WEIGHT:  10 Kg.   ** Free shipping does NOT apply to this product.


Resin Patterns (LCD/DLP/SLA)

Hybrid wax  / plastic Patterns

Wax Patterns


Automatic Vac. Mixer: Powder 1 kg – Water 300 cc

Conventional Mixer: Powder 1kg – Water 320 cc

Water temperature: 21-24 °C


Add Powder to Water: 2 min.

Mixing and Vacuming: 5 min.

Pour into Flask: 1 min.

Vaccum Invested Flask: 2 min.

Total Working Time: 10 min.


Sit undisturbed for 120 min minimum before burnout

X-Vest recommended burnout cycles


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