CHIMERA Multi-Extrusion

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Add Multi-Extrusion capability to your machine with the easiest, most versatile, and highest performance HotEnds in the industry. E3D has a range of modular systems which give you the ability to create printers that can print a wide range of colours and materials in a single object, in one print.

Thismultiple extrusion systems share some core design principles:

  • High performance design for fantastic prints in every material, every time.
  • Easy to level nozzles make getting started in dual extrusion easier than ever before.
  • Absolute minimum size and weight, won’t weigh down your machine or reduce printing performance.

2 In, 2 Out - Dual Extrusion System  Chimera is a neat and simple way in which to add conventional dual extrusion to your machine in a simple, air cooled package. Nozzles can be individually adjusted in height for an easy setup experience. Each nozzle is individually temperature controllable for ultimate material versatility. Chimera inherits the best from it’s cousins, v6 and Kraken, combining them into a single, reliable, yet highly capable hotend with a tiny 30x28mm footprint and easy mounting.
Set includes:
  • 1 x Chimera cooler block air
  • 2 x Heater resistors
  • 2 x Thermistors
  • 2 x Allen keys for assembly
  • 2 x 0.40mm nozzles
  • 2 x Heat Break (1.75mm Only)
  • 2 x Heater blocks
  • 1 x Cooler fan
  • 2 x Couplings for PTFE tube

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