P.P. Smartfil - 1.75mm - TRUE BLACK Expand

P.P. Smartfil - 1.75mm - TRUE BLACK



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What can you achieve with this material?

PP is versatile, transparent and light. It is also a material with good organoleptic properties. As well, its excellent mechanical, specially impact resistance, and chemical properties make it ideal for industrial purposes.

Due to the PP particular properties, you can use it for a great variety of application fields, such as: packaging, textiles, tableware, pipes, medical applications, etc. It is great to obtain low weight pieces, so this material is quite interesting to automobile and aircraft industry, drone manufacturing, etc. Its high printing resolution also let you use it for small pieces, as small robot components for example.


- 1.75mm (±0.03)


- M (700g)

Packaging:Smart packaging, desiccant bag and warranty seal.

Hotend: ± 220ºC

Heatbed: 65 / 70 ºC

Warping: Medium/low

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