HIPS Smartfil - 1.75mm - TRUE BLACK Expand

HIPS Smartfil - 1.75mm - TRUE BLACK



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HIPS: High impact polystyrene, ideal for printing highly resistant parts with excellent mechanical properties. It has similar characteristics to ABS, It can be sanded and painted with acrylic paints. It is ideal to use as a support material, as it can be subsequently diluted in D-Limonene.

SMARTFIL HIPS is a material with excellent mechanical properties and highly demanded in the industrial sector.


- 1.75mm (±0.03)


- M (750g)

Packaging:Smart packaging, desiccant bag and warranty seal.

Hotend: ± 240ºC

Heatbed: 80 / 100 ºC

Warping: Reduced

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HIPS Smartfil - 1.75mm - TRUE BLACK

HIPS Smartfil - 1.75mm - TRUE BLACK


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