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Prusa i3 EXTENDED - DIY Kit

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Leading time 24/72h.

510,00 €

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  • Hotend E3D-v6 ORIGINAL
  • Printing volume 200x300x190mm
  • Materials: PLA, ABS, LayWood, Nylon, etc
  • Filament diameter: 1,75mm
  • Autocalibration sensor

What will you find in the box:

1 x Alum. Frame 6mm & Y axis alum. plate 
1 x ABS plastic parts printed in a Zortrax
5 x Nema 17 step motors 1.8 degrees step - 4.8kg/cm, 2.5A, 42BYGHW811

1 x Ramps 1.4 board  compleatly assembly and ready to use
1 x Heatedbed 200x300
1 x Arduino MEGA 2560 R3 compatible board 
1 x Threaded rods kit M5 & M10
1 x Smooth rods kit M8 Stainless steel
1 x Bolts, washers, nuts, ties, etc FULL Kit 
1 x GT2 KIT 2 belts and 2 alum. pulley 

1 x set of bearings
1 x E3D-v6 ORIGINAL hotend for 1,75mm - 0,40mm nozzle complete set

6 x Compression springs for heatedbed and extruder
1 x 12V30A - 360W Power supply 
1 x Cable kit for Full wiring 
3 x Mechanical endstops (makerbot type endstops)

5 x A4988 step drivers (latest version developped by G3D with 2 trimpots and no vibration)
1 x Hobbed bolt
1 x Blower fan layers cooling

2 x Aluminum Z-couplings

1 x LCD screen

1 x Inductive Proximity Sensor for AUTOCALIBRATION

- Ceramic screwdriver
- Fan cooler system for keeping your electronic with best care! (G3D COOLING PLATE) 
- A few meters to test your printer once assembled
- MicroSD card reader
- Spool holder!!

- Fan splitter board to controll the cooler fans (G3D FAN SPLITTER if selected)

In order to use the height sensor you will need to use a metallic plate over heatedbed  

Order lead time: 24/72h.


Impresora en kit

Compré la impresora sin tener mucha idea de si la conseguiría montar. Con la ayuda de los chicos logré tenerla en marcha. Me llevó varios días :) Recomendable

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Prusa i3 EXTENDED - DIY Kit

Prusa i3 EXTENDED - DIY Kit


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