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Powerful 3D Printing 

slice and support generation software

3D Print job preparation can be a time consuming task. Orienting, supporting and slicing your build jobs in a way that they actually print can be challenging.

There are expensive software packages in the market but an easy to use alternative for hobbyists and business was hard to find. Formware 3D is just that. An easy to use slicing and job preparation package for pixels based 3D Printers.

Supported printers

Designed for resin and inkjet 3d printers.
Used heavily with the following machines: 

  • Generic LCD/DLP machines
  • Kudo 3d (slice export)
  • Wanhoa D7 (.cws export + printcontroller)
  • Anycubic photon (.photon export new)
  • Formlabs Form 1 & 2 (.stl export including supports)

Features list

Premium Support generation and editting


  • AUTOMATIC GENERATION:  The fastest way to support generation for your prints. Automatic.

  • 100% DRAGGABLE SUPPORTS: Just drag supports and the geometry adapts automatically.

  • POINT/LINE MODE: Edit supports more easily in point/line mode.

  • ADVANCED EDGE & SURFACE EDITS:  Edit/resample/delete critical detected surfaces or edges.

Quick Mesh editting


  • MESH HOLLOWING:  Hollow your mesh to save printing material and create a light weight structure.

  • LATTICE INFILLS:  Add perfect lattice infills to get a strong part.

  • DRAINAGE HOLES:  Add holes to your hollow parts to lets material flow out easily during printing

  • MIRRORING & SCALING:  Easily mirror/scale your supported part including supports. Saving you time.

Easy User interface


  • OBJECT MANIPULATOR:  Easily move/rotate/scale your objects with the click and drag manipulator.

  • COPYING:  Array copy objects to build an entire table with a few clicks.

  • IMPORT & EXPORT:  Import and export .stl, .obj, .ply, .amf and project files to save all your work.

  • SHORTCUTS & MORE:  Formware 3D includes an extensive list of keyboard shortcuts to save you time.

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Formware 3D

Formware 3D


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