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INNOVATEFIL TPU HARDNESS is a thermoplastic polyurethane that combines hardness, elasticity and mechanical strength. It has high resistance against  fats, oils, oxygen, ozone, hydrolysis and stabilized in UV light. It decreases impact and vibrations.

iI maintains all the advantages of this elastomer and make you able to print completely rigid parts. It is a great material for the applications in automotive, aerospace, medical and industrial sectors.


Innovatefil® TPU HARDNESS+ is delivered in a vacuum bag with a great barrier against moisture so that the filament cannot absorb humidity. Before bagging, the filament follows the strictest quality controls by dehumidifying the raw material until the moisture content is lower than 0.02%.


+ Once the product is unpacked we recommend to keep it in a dry and dark environment. If not maintained in a suitable environment the material can absorb up to 0.5% atmospheric moisture, this can create water vapour in the extrusion that can end up in a bad surface finish.

+ Once printing is finished it is recommendable to clean the nozzle eliminating the excess of material to avoid seals and defects unwanted, if several materials are used it is advisable to have a nozzle for each material to avoid being mixed.

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Flex Smartfil - 1.75mm - Black


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