Crystal v1.1® 3D PRINTER

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CRYSTAL is much more than a 3D printer, Crystal offers endless possibilities in terms of connectivity, customization, security and associated services.

  • Super connected printer: You can set to print remotely, using your mobile phone, tablet or computer. Print from the gym, your office and let CRYSTAL work for you. You also have the possibility of using local print option through which you can start printing of indexed models. For the more classic users have the USB input.  
  • Converting files automatically. 
  • Slicer integrated, allowing you to modify the time of printing and from the color touch screen 3D model options, from high layer, filling, speed etc. 
  • Simple interface, suitable for less skilled users. 
  • CRYSTAL includes Zeuseye, Free Premium service for a year. It is a platform that closes the ecosystem Zeus, and comprises the following: 
  • 3D shape models search engine: No tags or labels that never represents what you want. Find a 3D model that really are looking comparing its shape. 
  • Can not you design? We have a database of more than half a million 3D models where find what you want. Also, if you want to customize your models, you can do it automatically inserting text, selecting the font type, or directly, make a drawing on paper, make a photo, and insert it in the model automatically.


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